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The Soundwavers

The SoundWavers is a collective of experienced music and audio producers. While producing for traditional media releases (vinyl, cd) we also have been creating music for videogames, tv/radio ads and live events. Ranging from house to orchestral scores, from hip hop to dubstep, we like to combine different elements together and having them working in perfect harmony. We collaborated with renowned music instruments makers for sound design (presets banks), implementing ideas, functions and beta testing.

We sell our royaly-free music on Audiojungle.com. Please visit our collection to look for some ready-made music for your next project, or call us for top quality, exclusive on-demand audio production.

Lately we also launched our YouTube channel, with video reviews of tools (effects, instruments) that in some way we think are worth our (and your) time. We are also adding quick tutorials on productions tricks and special techniques you can enjoy. In the plans there are also videos (tutorials, reviews) localized in Italian.

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The Soundwavers

Our Latest Releases

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Moody EDM track in the style of Steve Angello / Swedish House Mafia.


A modern classical, almost ballet-like track in the style of Ludovico Einaudi

Electronica Atmosphere

Electronica inspired by a well known french musician with modern tweaks added

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Royalty-Free Music

We specialize in professional royalty music creation. Wether you need a pounding, ultra-modern hybrid techno/orchestral soundtrack for your latest game or video trailer, or maybe the intimate underscore mood provided by a gentle piano over a string quartet, with our 20+ years of experience in music production we are sure to deliver the best tracks on the market.

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